Reading the Heavens with Marian Tortorella

Sunday, December 22, 2013 1:56 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Reading the Heavens with Marian Tortorella

Marian Tortorella

Susun Weed interviews Marian Tortorella,
astrologer and musician

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Marian (Fatima) Tortorella, also know as Fatima, is a residential Woodstock NY logoMaster Astrologer and Intuitive. She's been practicing Astrology for over 35 years and was from the old school of constructing horoscopes using mathematical logarithms since the early 1970's.

She has studied astrology with Berton Sharp, a student of famed Astrological author and teacher Dane Rudhyar. Marian is a published astrological columnist, and also researcher acknowledged in Mary Orser's book "Changing your Destiny", for her astrological help and expertise in planetary attributes for the publication. Her Forecasts were published in the 2011 Woodstock Guide and she was a guest speaker at the Saugerties NY Library on the subject of astrology spring of 2012. Marian's presentation was later aired on Saugerties TV23 for several weekends.

Besides being an expert in Astrology, she has also also studied and practiced Aromatherapy and the use of Gems for Aura balance and cleansing based on your Astrological Chart as well as other forms of Psychic Shamanic and Crystal Healing.

She's read for people in all walks of life including celebrities around the globe.

People find Marian's readings very helpful and accurate. Besides being and Astrologer, Marian is an accomplished musician and songwriter. She has a meditation healing album called "Dolphin Dialogue" featuring her dulcimer. A recent Youtube Video was produced of her singing and playing piano on an original composition called "A Right to Live", for the preservation of the Oceans, Whales, Dolphins and all sea creatures. One of Marian's photographs was also recently published in Chronogram Magazine as well.

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