Vegetation Management the Eco-Friendly Way with Tammy Dunakin

Sunday, February 23, 2014 1:07 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Vegetation Management with Tammy Dunakin

Susun Interviews Rent-a-Ruminant Owner Tammy Dunakin

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A former paramedic, Tammy Dunakin is the founder and owner of Rent-a-Ruminant, a Seattle area business that provides eco-friendly vegetation management services. In other words: goats. In addition to managing her own large herd, Dunakin helps newbies to get started via Rent-a-Ruminant’s Affiliate ProgramTammy started Rent-a-Ruminant LLC in 2004. She had no idea how to do this business and there were no "how to" books or programs set up to teach her. She lives in the Pacific Northwest on Vashon Island and service cities and towns throughout. Tammy currently has about 140 goats and 2 herding dogs. They are what she calls Urban Nomads and travel from job to job munching unwanted vegetation as they go.. They live on site. The goats are her friends and are almost all rescues. They are never slaughtered and when they can no longer go on jobs are retired to live out their days on Tammy's farm in peace.
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