Breastfeeding with Sara Chana Silverstein

Sunday, March 09, 2014 6:21 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Breastfeeding with Sara Chana Silverstein

Susun Weed Interviews Breastfeeding Expert Sara Chana

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Sara is an AHG Herbalist, Classical Homeopath, Lactation Consultant, Birth Assistant and mother of 7 children (5 boys and 2 girls). She does health segments for CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX news where she discusses herbs and homeopathy. Sara also teaches Pediatricians at a medical school the basics of breastfeeding. (and introduce them to the world of herbs!) She just produced an APP called Breastfeeding for Boobs which has 103 original videos, 350 articles and a special section on Alternative medicine for breastfeeding moms. In the app Sara answers any question a new mom could have. Since most women have a smart phone in their hand at all times, now they can have their 'herbalist' in their hand also!!!

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