Unlocking Your Hidden Genius with Glynda-Lee Hoffmann

Friday, April 11, 2014 11:52 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)

Unlocking Your Hidden Genius with Glynda-Lee Hoffmann

Unlocking Your Hidden Genius with Glynda-Lee HoffmannSusun Weed Interviews Author Glynda-Lee Hoffmann

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As a young child in a turbulent home Glynda-Lee Hoffmann had a series of mystical the genesis codeexperiences that fueled her desire to understand, to pursue truth in a way that others did not, to see things that others never perceived and look at things with a discerning and inquiring mind that yearned to touch a cosmic awareness that brought peace, serenity and wholeness.

It was in a contemplative community called “The Christ Circle,” in Boulder Creek, California, that Glynda-Lee first encountered The Qabalah, an ancient teaching of coded interpretations embedded in the original text of Genesis, The Song of Songs, (often referred to as The Song of Solomon), and the Sephir Yetsira. In 1973, Hoffmann began her studies of The Cipher of Genesis: The Original Code of Qabala as Applied to the Scriptures by French author Carlo Suares.

By reading Suares’ book dozens of times, Hoffmann began to developed her own technique, seeing patterns unfold that were seeming clues to a greater knowledge. She focused on specific phrases that describe the attributes of the Hebrew letters, not as linguistic components, but as patterns of energy. This method allowed her brain to accumulate a vast library of information about the patterns of energy which Suares attributes to the Hebrew letters, when viewed as elements of the code of Qabalah.

It became clear to Hoffmann that the letters formed a complex code of information about the fundamental properties of energy at the heart of all life in the universe. She also realized this information represented a revelation that pertains to the human brain that was historically understood and experienced by Abraham, Moses, Jesus and others. And today, we’ll talk about what she discovered and has written about in her groundbreaking book The Genesis Code: Your Key to Unlocking Hidden Genius.

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