A Unique Life Fully Lived Author Karen Kain

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A Unique Life Fully Lived Author Karen Kain

Susun Weed Interviews Supporting Families Karen Kain

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Karen Kain is the author of "A Unique Life Fully Lived: A Personal Journey of Love, Hope and Courage." She is also a parent advocate for children of disability and travels around the county inspiring families with her personal story of raising a medically fragile, vaccine-injured daughter as a single mom. Karen shares how she bridged the gap from special needs to creating mainstream experiences in all arenas of life for Lorrin: best friends, slumber parties, concerts, camping, beauty pageants, Girl Scouts, school dances, musicals and endless travels. Her book describes the unique and extraordinary life experiences that Karen created for Lorrin and the strong bond and soul connection between mother and daughter that continues to this day. In 1994 Lorrin was severely vaccine injured and at that time Karen’s world fell apart. Life as she knew it was put “on hold” as she tried everything that she could to “heal” Lorrin and give her the best life possible...and she succeeded...in unfathomable ways that lights up the journey for other families. 
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