'God's Callgirl' Carla van Raay

Friday, September 30, 2016 12:15 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
'God's Callgirl' Carla van Raay

Susun interviews Carla van Raay, author of the international best-selling memoir God’s Callgirl, the colourful story of her life unconsciously driven by abuse experienced in childhood, and her journey of recovery.

Q&A recap:
Premenstrual migraines? Nourishing infusion nettle leaf, St. Joan's wort tincture and/or scullcap tincture (1-3 drops), also check for B12 deficiency.
Topical skin issues like hives soothed by oil or salve of plantain (no essential oils), oak bark to help the skin. Consider emotional causes of skin disorder.
How to expel a slow miscarriage? have patience with your body.
Legs cramps? low magnesium, nettle infusion & hypericum tincture..
Comfrey infusion and cold/hot compress for repair of broken toe
White & red large bumps on tongue may be cancer, go to dentist.
Receding gums indicative of Periodontal disease, go to dentist.
Birth control pills are healthy & safe, reduces risk of cancer.
Organic milk is not always what it seems, ask your producer questions.

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