'Tiny Giant Losses' Lindsey Goodwin

Friday, October 21, 2016 1:29 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
'Tiny Giant Losses' Lindsey Goodwin

Susun interviews Lindsey Goodwin.
Lindsey is a journalist, the founder of Tiny Giant Losses on Patreon.com and one of the hundreds of millions of women who have experienced pregnancy loss or infant loss worldwide. After having a miscarriage and then losing her newborn son, she was shocked by how few resources there are for empowering women to heal after baby loss, so she decided to create her own. In September of this year, she began using her background in journalism, as well as the wisdom she gained during her apprenticeship with Susun and her own healing journey, to provide a variety of empowered healing resources for other women who have experienced baby loss. Through Patreon.com, Tiny Giant Losses offers articles, audio recordings, videos, a WhatsApp support group, live Q&As and much more. You can become a patron to access the many resources Lindsey offers or you can simply peruse the free resources on offer at:  Patreon.com/TinyGiantLosses.

this episode Q&A includes:
• everything works sometimes for some people- we're looking for things that work most of the time for most people..
• bacterial infection from root canal- echinacea, juniper, usnea, wormwood..
• moluscum contagioso- hypericum, vinegar in bath..
• breast cancer, tomoxifen, red clover infusion..
• incontinence- check out Susun's book 'Down There'..
• warts cannot survive without oxygen, use duct tape to suffocate them..
• do you need an annual check up? over treated patients, prescribed unnecessary drugs and unnecessary surgeries..

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