Childbirth Educator Jill Wodnick

Friday, July 21, 2017 1:25 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Childbirth Educator Jill Wodnick

Susun interviews Jill Wodnick.
Jill Wodnick is national speaker on improving maternal infant health. Prior her current work at Montclair State University, Jill led a Community Doula Program in Hudson County, NJ for Medicaid enrolled womyn. She has been part of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women's Global Prenatal Initiative as well as on local and statewide programs for improving maternity care. Jill is also is a community herbalist and honors the interdepedent web of caring for our earth and caring for families. Jill teaches medical providers at grand rounds, graduate students and professionals, but learns the most from listening to womyn and the sacred ecology of giving birth and being born.

this episode Q&A include:
• small cell lung cancer - medicinal mushrooms prevent metastasis- find out more at www.fungi.com
• preventative radiation does not increase life span..
• MRI's are aggressive and invasive- a threat to health..
• menopausal dryness throughout the body - nourishing herbal infusions and vaginal estrogens, do not drink water..
• longevity of herbs- dried herbs, tinctures, oils..
• drying and preserving herbs..
• vegetarian diet is not healthy for anyone, especially children..
• heme carries iron and oxygen to every cell of our body..
• turkey tail mushroom is very effective for women dealing with breast cancer- breast cancer and prostate cancer are basically the same cancer in different places..
• More B vitamins? brown rice, lentils, red clover infusion, nettle infusion..
• neti pots can cause chronic nasal problems.

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