'Big Belly Services' Carrie Kenner

Friday, September 29, 2017 3:24 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
'Big Belly Services' Carrie Kenner

Susun interviews Carrie Kenner.
Carrie has been helping people have babies since 1980. Her role as mother and grandmother are the most important teachers in her life. But the biggest impact she has on the world is as a birth doula trainer. Carrie has trained over 2000 doulas since 2004, and the ripples of love and support that all those doulas provide in the world help support her mission of "a more peaceful world by promoting healthy birth”. Carrie’s approach to doula training, urban farming, parenting and life is to do what you love, share your passion, and make all your actions lead to racial and social justice.
Carries website is www.bigbellyservices.com

this episode Q&A includes:
• fever with cough- honey, proper dosing of echinacea, licorice, mullein..
• people that get colds and flus in their younger years have less cancer because their immune systems get a chance to work..
• elderberry tincture and yarrow tincture to prevent colds and flus..
• people that are not celiac that avoid gluten have higher incidence of type 2 diabetes..
• people who avoid dairy are more likely to have hip replacements..
• most important food for people with skin issues is full fat plain yogurt..
• soreness in the lymph nodes under the breasts- cleavers tincture or poke root tincture..
• elderberry kills flu virus's, linden infusion prevents colds and flus..
• psoriasis- linden infusion and hypericum oil..

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