'Unhappiness Syndrome' Mia Tomikawa

Friday, November 24, 2017 6:45 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
'Unhappiness Syndrome' Mia Tomikawa

Susun interviews Mia Tomikawa.
Mia Tomikawa is a translator and editor in chief at IRH Press, an international publisher of spiritual, religious, and self-improvement books by the bestselling author Ryuho Okawa. Mia has been working on the English-translated versions of Okawa's books for nearly a decade to share the spiritual truths that he teaches, which have changed the lives of millions around the world including herself. Mia believes that increasing the awareness and deepening the understanding of these spiritual truths are the keys to finding true happiness on a personal level as well on a global scale. To date, Mia has worked on more than 30 titles by Okawa. In addition to her editing and translation experience, she is a simultaneous interpreter, writer, as well as a U.S. spokesperson for Ryuho Okawa's books.

this episode Q&A includes:
• comfrey *leaf* infusion + compress for bones + wounds
• hiatel hernia
• Susun spends money on health, free & clear, not insurance
• constipation: treat colon like a child, be kind + nourish
• the body believes every word we think & say
• start eating meat by adding bones/broth to beans, trust animals like being eaten
• immune support: "guardian disease" self-protection + adaptogens/mushrooms
• don't watch t.v. when you're stressed, meditate for 10 secs throughout day
• Pacific Botanicals ships fresh herbs (in season)
• re-do lab test(s) that would ask you to make any large dietary change
• studies refer to feedlot meat + dairy, not grassfed
• motherwort + oatstraw allies for anxiety; dose will change in time
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