Psilocybin Therapy Eric Osborne

Friday, December 22, 2017 2:17 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Psilocybin Therapy Eric Osborne

Susun interviews Eric Osborne.
Eric is the founder of Magnificent Mushrooms gourmet mushroom farm and consulting, Indiana’s first State recognized Wild Mushroom Expert and a conscientious psychonaut, Eric began working in underground Psilocybin therapy for five years before being arrested. Informed of his activities, police raided his farm and home, charged him with three class B felonies and turned his life upside down.
Unwilling to be thwarted, after his release from incarceration Eric founded the 501(c)(3) organization PLEDG INC. (Psychedelic Liberation Education Discipline and Guidance), the for-profit venture MycoMeditations, a legal psilocybin retreat program in rural Jamaica and MycoMeditations Podcast. A husband, father of three and passionate about psychedelic healing, Eric has used hurdles as inspiration to bring forward the medicine of mushrooms.

This episode Q&A includes:
• painful injury- RICE, skullcap tincture, hypericum tincture, comfrey, high cbd..
• herbal first aid works best when it is used first..
• which comfrey is safe to use?
• yarrow used as a dentifrice..
• chaparral used as tea or tincture?
• comfrey is a toughener- gets the job done!
• type II diabetes- nourishing herbal infusions, increasing physical activity..
• blue light kills MRSA..
• depression- antidepressants are overpriced, addictive placebos- get angry!

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