Herbalist Linda Conroy

Friday, March 16, 2018 12:18 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Herbalist Linda Conroy

Susun interviews Linda Conroy.
Linda Conroy dedicates her life to connecting with the green world. She is a practicing herbalist, providing herbal education, workshops and apprenticeships, as well as individual consultations. Linda also holds two masters degrees: MSS (Master of Social Service) and MLSP (Master of Law and Social Policy). Linda is a community organizer and the founder of the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference. http://www.midwestwomensherbal.com

Her primary mentors are the plants who never cease to instill a sense of awe in her daily life. Linda's primary human mentors are Susun Weed, Isla Burgess and Marshall Rosenberg. She has taken classes with a whole host of other herbalists and personal growth activists, from far and wide. She always appreciates new perspectives.

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