Medicine Woman Beata Alfoldi

Thursday, May 03, 2018 3:30 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Medicine Woman Beata Alfoldi

Susun interviews Beata Alfoldi.
Beáta is a medicine woman, workshop facilitator, shamanic practitioner, healer, ceremonial leader, seer and speaker with a gift for assisting individuals through deep transformation. She facilitates private sessions, classes, workshops and international retreats in Australia, Bali, Thailand and Mexico.

this episode Q&A includes:
• emotional differences between men and women - women need health relationships with women for a healthy living..
• the power of competitiveness between women used to lift each other up..
• gender studies is not women's studies- women's studies makes it out that we have not been living in the patriarchy..
• HPV can live on a toilet seat for several days..
• transitioning off a vegan diet- the difference between fixing and nourishing..
• endometriosis caused by environmental toxin dioxin from things like bleached tampons, sanitary pads, plastics, burning garbage..
• plantain oil heals the skin..
• what does low estrogen mean? meaningless...
• acid reflux- slippery elm balls..
• appetite suppression- drinking something warm or hot at the beginning of meals such as green tea, bone broth, warmed infusion..

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