Astrologer Virginia Bell

Friday, June 08, 2018 11:41 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Astrologer Virginia Bell

Susun interviews Virginia Bell.
Virginia Bell is a full time writer and astrologer. She has written horoscope columns for websites and magazines. She currently writes for Die Welt (the German publication) and Watch! the CBS magazine and blog for The Huffington Post. Virginia is the author of Midlife Is Not A Crisis: Using Astrology To Thrive In The Second Half Of Life. She currently lectures on astrology, inspiration and aging.
Before becoming involved in astrology she owned one of the first natural foods restaurants in New York City: Whole Wheat 'N Wild Berrys (from 1974-1995). She then went on to own a second restaurant in the Berkshires from 1988-1991. Virginia co-authored The Manhattan Health Pages: A Guide to Educate, Pamper and Inspire You. During that period Virginia also lectured on health and wellness.

this episode Q&A includes:
• basically all raspberry species are used the same medicinally- growing cycle and when to harvest..
• seeds of yellow dock used for medicine and food..
• making lavender sun tea..
• comfrey for closed injuries at the joint, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones..
• cancer care and quality of life or quantity of life..
• cancer diagnosis- the first thing you're going to have to cope with is your fear and anxiety..
• homeopathy used to clear family tendencies- literally change at a genetic level..

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