Fragments of Her Story Author Melissa Doordaughter

Friday, December 07, 2018 10:17 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
'Fragments of Her Story' Melissa Doordaughter

Susun interviews Melissa Dawson.
Melissa Doordaughter Was born in London, England in 1981. She studied anthropology and world religions in the smallest university in Europe. She has performed her poetry at Glastonbury musical festival, at Green Heart Ecological centre in Ibiza and at the Amsterdam International Festival of Poetry.
Her life has been significantly marked by her experiences as a victim of sexual abuse. She has spent a great part of her young adulthood seeking healing. This journey took her to organic farms around Europe, and back in 2003 she realised her own personal healing was deeply intertwined with the health of our children and the planet itself.
Her latest book- “Fragments of Her Story” is exactly that, a fragment of a bigger picture, a picture of her journey out of the hell realms and towards a life of joy and gratitude.
Melissa currently lives and works in Italy, where she works as a proof reader, teacher and translator.

this episode Q&A includes:
• making pine needle vinegar..
• try experimenting making herbal remedies, small amounts and see what happens..
• trauma- changing our minds using sound, color and writing your story..
• don't should on yourself..
• do you need a tooth implant with a bone graft?
• low iron levels and wanting off birth control..
• tremendous amount of stress...

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