Mythology and Folklore Ayn Cates Sullivan

Friday, May 24, 2019 5:16 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Mythology and Folklore Ayn Cates Sullivan

Susun interviews Ayn Cates Sullivan.
Ayn is an award-winning and bestselling author focusing on mythology and folklore for the modern age. Dr Sullivan obtained her BA with honors at Hollins University, her Masters and Doctorate in Literature from Columbia University and King’s College London. She later obtained a Masters in Spiritual Psychology and works with individuals who are interested in remembering their Inner Grail. She also works with a select group of emerging writers each year. Ayn Cates Sullivan’s series, “Legends of the Grail” successfully launched in 2017, selling out on the first day to an enthusiastic audience and wide acclaim. The first volume, Legends of the Grail: Stories of Celtic Goddesses, is a collection of ancient Irish myths, and the missing or untold stories of women recounted in first person. The second and newest volume, Heroines of Avalon & Other Tales, is a collection of Celtic and Arthurian myths and legends focusing on the heroine’s healing journey.

this episode Q&A includes:
• fibroids and hormones- what herbs make the liver happy and organic fats..
• coinfection with Lymes disease- echinacea, yogurt and pharmacueticals, astragalus.
• tincturing echinacea..
• easiest edible seeds to work with..
• candida overgrowth- NO essential oils..
• anxiety- the choice between fear and excitement is your choice.

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