Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans Aurora

Friday, October 04, 2019 2:05 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans Aurora

Susun interviews Aurora.
Aurora is a Galactic walk-in, or, an abstract consciousness newcomer to the human form. She came into this physical body, and into this world, in 2001, via a hyper-dimensional portal shape she spontaneously created and named the Flying Rainbow Lasagne. Since then, Aurora has focused on accurately depicting in her drawings, paintings, sculptures, and animations, the harmonic patterns within which energy flows throughout the cosmos, and on teaching humanity about the positive impact the Flying Rainbow Lasagne shape can have on one's genetic code.Seven years ago Aurora authored an online class titled "Lessons for Full Spectrum Humans", and has taught an ever-growing student body of participants from around the world about how to do the FRL dance through weekly live webinars and recorded videos. She also composed the music for and created an immersive "Flying Rainbow Lasagne concert" of her animations and artwork, and has presented the FRL dance at several conferences and workshops.

this episode q&a includes:
• cramps during menstruation- dong quai and astragalus preparation more effective than over the counter pain releivers
• mushrooms- fruiting bodies and mycelium..
• all humans are obligate carnivores..
• family farms- opting out never changes anything!
• Harvesting rare plants and being respectful..

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