The Alchemy of Love: Evalena Rose.

Friday, October 11, 2019 12:28 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
The Alchemy of Love: Evalena Rose.

Susun interviews Evalena Rose.
Evalena Rose, M.A., The Alchemy of Love: Evalena is a therapist, intimacy and communications coach in private practice for 41 years. She blends metaphysical and therapeutic practices with healing work that is multi-dimensional and transformative. She also channels The Council of Twelve, co-creating deeply therapeutic and life-affirming sessions with individuals and groups. She has practiced Tantra for 30 years, teaching it for 20. She's had decades of study in alternative healing, shamanism, spiritual paths, Soul Retrieval, inner child work, and recovery from abuse, addiction, and trauma. She has channeled The Council of Twelve for 34 years to individuals and couples, especially healers, business owners and entrepreneurs. She sees clients in Asheville, NC and by phone or video chat world-wide (to date 16 countries and 24 states). Evalena has taught seminars for 35 years on channeling, skills for being an empath, and Tantra.
Website: https://evalenarose.com/

this episode Q&A includes:
• making nourishing herbal infusions is a daily ritual of selfcare..
• comfrey - horse with broken hip..
• 6 yr old with rash on hand- phage, viral infection, possible poison oak outbreak..
• cramping muscles- linden infusion as an antiinflammatory- much better for people of European extraction than tumeric..
• grassroots of peoples medicine is becoming stronger and stronger..

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