Ecstatic Birth Sheila Kamara Hay.

Friday, October 25, 2019 7:59 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Ecstatic Birth Sheila Kamara Hay.

Susun interviews Sheila Kamara Hay.
Sheila Kamara hay is a leading visionary, advocate and coach devoted to unveiling the ecstasy available in each moment at the intersection of sensuality, life and birth. Founder of the global ecstatic birth movement, a Yale and Columbia trained cultural sociologist and longtime sister goddesses, sheila empowers women to honor their feminine flow and locate their fierce feminine power while they birth their most sacred creations and re-birth themselves in pleasure. Sheila trains birth practitioners and expectant moms to integrate the most holistic birthing tool, pleasure, in birth preparation and support. Sheila is a sought after speaker and teacher guest teacher at mama gena's school of womanly arts and orgasmic birth pain to power childbirth education program, and has taught at the en*theos online academy, the birth institute, choices in childbirth, and numerous virtual conferences.

this episode Q&A includes:
• difficulty eliminating and urinating- cumin seed, yellow dock, lavender..
• pain- what's not working- it's ok to be in pain- take enough pain reliever to relieve the pain..
• oregano oil- lots of other mint preparations to experiment with that are not essential oils
• what defines healthy fats- omega 3:6 ratio..
• there are not any right answers left- doing the best we can..
• cervical health, hpv, cervical dysplasia..
• high blood pressure- drugs and herbs working together..

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