Great Council of Tarot Kathryn Ravenwood.

Friday, November 29, 2019 4:18 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Great Council of Tarot Kathryn Ravenwood.

Susun interviews Kathryn Ravenwood.
Kathryn Ravenwood has studied the Mysteries for 50 years, having always been a seeker of spiritual truths and being filled with the desire to find a deeper knowing and understanding of life. Her long love and study of the esoteric realms led her to the Tarot. Kathryn, or Raven as she is called, offers personal consultation. Kathryn is the author of How To Create Sacred Water: A Guide to Rituals and Practices. She is also a contributing writer to Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt: The Initiatory Path of Spiritual Journaling and also Stepping Into Ourselves: An Anthology of Writings on Priestesses. Her writing has been published in Sage Woman magazine and other publications.
She maintains a blog with her writings on the Tarot at Kathryn Ravenwood Tarot Wisdom,, Kathryn Ravenwood.blogspot.com and a separate blog with writings with spiritual hypnosis experiences at Raven Soul Alchemy.blogspot.com.

this episode q&a includes:
• high blood pressure- using herbal medicine with medication. Not listening to the books motherwort and hawthorn are not drugs, they are food..
• joint breaking down- linden and comfrey, tai chi, what do the knees symbolize for you?
• it is worth finding a healer to work with, may have to check out several to find the right one..
• gut bacteria and nutrient absorption..
• nourishing herbal infusions vs supplements..
• balance hormones?

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