Emilee Saldaya

Saturday, June 13, 2020 3:52 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Emilee Saldaya

Susun interviews Emilee Saldaya of Free Birth Society.
Emilee Saldaya is the trail blazing leader and founder of Free Birth Society. She was a doula for over ten years, until the reality of her complicity with the obstetric system and the harms that it does to women and babies prompted her to find a better way. In aligning with freebirth, Emilee's dharmic path became clear. She quickly evolved into a "Radical Birth Keeper" who serves women birthing outside the system. She founded Free Birth Society prior to the conscious conception of her first child, and went on to give birth to her daughter freely, on Maui, Hawaii. Emilee’s acclaimed podcast (“The Free Birth Society Podcast”) quickly became a fan favorite and has reached millions of people.The Free Birth Society private membership has become a bastion of birth freedom, truth, and community, in a world in which women’s birth choices are increasingly curtailed. Emilee is an inspiring and inspired coach, with the ability to immediately hone in on the self-sabotage and mental blocks that keep women stuck in unproductive patterns. Her approach is warm, kind, ferocious, and transformational, giving her clients the spacious witnessing that allows them to step into their power.

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