Joyelle Petersen

Friday, August 14, 2020 5:54 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Joyelle Petersen

Susun interviews guest, Joyelle Petersen
Joyelle Petersen is a mother of four spirited children and a keeper of sacred rites. She has been in service to her Community for over 15 years devoted to honoring the sacred transitions of birth, ceremony, ritual, and death. She infuses her work with each family,client,and individual as a devotion allowing a personalized approach to meet the needs of the women and families she serves. The true essence of Joyelle's talents lie with the creation of women’s gatherings, circles, and honoring the ebb of flow of our internal rhythms. Ceremonial Practices have always been in the forefront of her work, and she believes through the blessings of celebration a great generational healing can occur. The lives Joyelle has been blessed to touch became her catalyst to create more intentional gatherings in the future.
Contact Joyelle Petersen on Instagram @warrioresswithin and on her webpages: awakensacredretreat.com and awakeningjoyl.com

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