Author Susana Cor De Rosa

Friday, November 20, 2020 1:58 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
Author Susana Cor De Rosa

Susun interviews Susana Cor De Rosa.
Susana Cor de Rosa has had the privilege for the last twenty years of helping thousands of people to heal themselves, to know who they are, and to have successful lives throughout Europe, the Americas, and Africa, through Unified Quantum Healing, Education, and Expanding Consciousness.
Susana graduated in Law in Portugal, Lisboa, while also recieving a Post-Graduate degree in this field, and at the age of thirty she felt an inner calling to expand her consciousness – to teach, heal and re-educate human beings for happiness.
She awakens and encourages people to live their higher purpose and use the sixteen senses we all have to make authentic, clear, healthy, successful decisions according to who they are. She teaches people to be intentional creators/co-creators instead of disorientated ones, empowering them to use their spiritual intelligence (combining reason and intuition) and act in the world with confidence.
She is the author of the book Who We Are – The Code of Creation, a transformational book. Her most recent work is "The Land Where Everything is Possible", an inspiring story about happiness, the power of dreams, energy and the meaning of life. A story for people from age 8 to 98.
Her innovative and dynamic teaching methods and workshops have been recognized nationally and internationally, inspiring people all across the world.

Q & A topics in this episode include:
cultural "ownership" of indigenous plants
slippery elm safety
eye irritation
jaw and head pain

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