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  • Friday, August 10, 2018 1:42 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    'Illustrated Herbiary' Maia Toll

    Susun interviews Maia Toll.
    Maia Toll opened the first Herbiary shop in Philadelphia in 2006 after returning from a year-long apprenticeship with an herbalist in Ireland. Maia believed, and still believes, that easy access to plant-based healing can cultivate love and respect for the natural world, even if you live in the most urban of spaces. Maia has taught plant medicine at universities, hospitals, and even in the Peruvian jungle but, these days, she prefers to focus on creating community around women's wisdom and spirituality, working through her online group The Medicine Keepers Collective. Her first book, The Illustrated Herbiary, hits the shelves today! The Illustrated Herbiary helps you create connection with the plants through ritual and reflection, using imagery to ignite your imagination.
    Get all the info at maiatoll.com

    this episode Q&A includes:
    • is comfrey labeled Symphytum officinale safe to drink?
    • calcified deposits in shoulder- seven medicines..
    • hashimoto's- listen to yourself or your naturopath? Who knows your body better?
    • rash on face and neck, burning irritating- hypericum perforatum..
    • itchy flaky scalp- burdock seed oil, rosemary infused oil..
    • can you find a use for what you have harvested? ONLY harvest plants you have a use for/ can make into medicine immediately!
    • slow down and be a little wiser..
    • you can get a diagnosis and treat that diagnosis, but you may not make yourself healthy by treating that diagnosis..

  • Friday, August 03, 2018 11:53 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    Red Earth's Astrid Grove & Ixeeya Lin

    Susun interviews Astrid Grove & Ixeeya Lin.

    Astrid Grove currently lives in the Colorado mountain town of Nederland with her husband, her two daughters, and two cats. Her passion lies in facilitating and supporting women’s empowerment through midwifery, hands on healing, plant medicine and sacred ceremony. She is in the process of revamping her website and you can expect that soon at www.astridgrove.com.

    Ixeeya Lin is dedicated to restoring the feminine back to her full embodied glory to support sacred union on our glorious planet! Through rite of passage coaching, bodywork and rituals she helps you awaken deep meaning, awaken confidence and authenticity and value your feminine genius. Ixeeya has been on a wild adventure, trained and certified by a variety of wild wise women around the globe in restorative movement, ceremonial arts, womens yoga, Maya abdominal womb centering, shamanism and folk herbalism, somatic healing, sotai, holistic pelvic care, reiki, tantra, south indian temple dance and a variety of global dance forms. More about Ixeeya at WomensTent.com

    this episode Q&A includes:
    • sore breast tissue- parsley poultice..
    • hypericum species- perforatum is medicinal because it holds the red oil in it..
    • histamines in the body freaking out causing excess mucous in the nose and eyes? find what is flowering, osha tincture..
    • oil pushing or pulling?
    • burning sores in the mouth- Saint Joan knows about burns, honey, cocoa and honey..
    • craving chocolate? you may need more minerals..

  • Friday, July 27, 2018 12:02 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    'Personal Transformation' Helen McConnell

    Susun interviews Helen McConnell.
    Helen is a Personal Transformation Specialist. That means she can help you make the really big changes you want to make in your life – relatively easily and effectively. She specializes in helping people identify and release out of-date and limiting beliefs and old, negative thought patterns – those are the things that block us from reaching our big dreams. The majority of people live by default and habit - succumbing to repetitive thought patterns and unconscious beliefs. How would you like to Live by Design - where you consciously create your life? Helen can show you how. It’s not only possible, but the means to do so are literally at your fingertips! She works her magic with individuals and groups – in person, by phone, and by Skype.

  • Friday, July 20, 2018 11:05 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    Naturality Path's Shivagi

    Susun interviews Shivagi.
    Shivagi's restlessness took her to a lot of ashrams and gurus, and brought her in touch with various philosophies and spiritual/healing teachings/practices. She did crazy travels, met interesting people under different circumstances, kept learning from her pleasant/unpleasant experiences, but something just did not fit in. She had not just been changing multiple jobs but frequently changing professions all together. When she had reached the peak of her internal crisis, in the October of 2016, quite unexpectedly, she met Jivasu in the town of Rishikesh and got introduced to Naturality. A peek into Jivasu's life and his unassuming ability to answer her incessant questions about everything, initiated certain kind of natural integration in her.
    Shivagi currently resides in Dehradun and is the co-founder of Naturality programs in India. Her journey was never devoid of excitement and uncertainties, but she is now always full of boundless inner adventure which is finding a wholesome expression on her more conscious journey.
    Her website is www.naturalitypath.com

    this episode Q&A includes:
    • red clover blossoms- dying and buying..
    • beginning menopause and needing alone time..
    • being autistic and having your needs met..
    • what you have to give is valuable and it's based on taking care of yourself..
    • using nettle leaves and stalks before it flowers..
    • psoriasis- try hypericum perforatum oil..
    • lots of herbal options for breast tenderness..
    • recently removed gallbladder- nourishing herbal infusions and eating less fat at one time.
    * feeding babies- infusions and shopping for whole foods..

  • Friday, July 13, 2018 10:33 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    Social Activist Stephanie Sellers

    Susun interviews Stephanie Sellers.
    Dr. Stephanie A. Sellers is a poet, a homesteader in the mountains of Pennsylvania, and a Native American Studies scholar who is dedicated to the healing of women and Mother Earth. She has just co-edited a book with the artist-scholar, Menoukha Case, about the Laguna Pueblo writer Paula Gunn Allen called Weaving the Legacy. Stephanie is currently researching the hidden phenomenon of Family Aggression against daughters in patriarchal cultures. She created the organization, Sedna’s Daughters, to raise awareness and offer support for daughters who have been shunned by or are estranged from their biological families.
    Stephanie's website is www.sednasdaughters.com and you can find her on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SednasD/

    this episode Q&A includes:
    • the act of being alive creates toxins- liver and kidney function, persistent organic chemicals- supporting your liver, why it is dangerous to detox..
    • diabetes- what not to eat, what to eat and when- possible to keep from progressing..
    • giving up nighttime feedings with breastfed toddler to protect the teeth..
    • 'Breast Cancer? Breast Health!' what's better than juicing? Macrobiotic, Mediterranean diet, herbal infusions, mushrooms...
    • drinking water and distilled water takes down your electrolytes and compromises the immune system..
    • sore mouth cancer and using sage..

  • Friday, July 06, 2018 10:29 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    Charlene Spretnak on Interbeing

    Susun interviews Charlene Spretnak about her book Relational Reality: New Discoveries of Interrelatedness That Are Changing the Modern World.

    this episode Q&A includes:
    • summer bites and stings- putting plantain and yarrow to use.
    • two young children- you need to prioritize time for yourself! Is it time to wean your child?
    • acids in goat milk, other types of milk, culturing milk..
    • harvesting and drying linden..
    • migraines- hypericum! the great healer of the nervous system, herbal pain relievers, and healing sexual assault..
    • treating people not diagnosis..
    • familiarize yourself with your county extension to find where plants grow..

  • Friday, June 29, 2018 12:28 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    Plant Medicine Singer Johanna Warren

    Susun interviews Johanna Warren.
    On the national US record release tour for her new album "Gemini II,"singer-songwriter Johanna Warren is blending her musical path with herpassion for herbalism. On her recent "Plant Medicine Tour," she aligned with local herbalists, farmers and activists in every city she visited to share about their work, sell their medicines and connect with their communities.

    this episode Q&A includes:
    • passionflower- passiflora incarnata is the only medicinal variety..
    • monotropa uniflora is used incredibly sparingly..
    • headache that has to do with the liver with pain behind the eyes- chinese medicine perspective..
    • using hypericum perforatum for symptoms of Lyme..
    • not recommended for anyone to be gluten free that is not celiacs..
    • copperhead snake bite and options for herbs to relieve inflammation..
    • why not to get a mammogram..
    • creating a sacred time when bleeding can stop cramping- antispasmodic herbs..

  • Friday, June 22, 2018 1:44 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    Mythic Medicine Amber Hill

    Susun interviewsAmber Hill.
    Amber is a mother, herbalist, writer, teacher, podcaster, and river swimmer living in Northern California. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies from UC Davis and is endlessly interested in exploring the depths of consciousness and how humans make meaning. Alongside herbalism, she has immersed herself in the study of genealogy and deep ancestry, psychedelic healing, float tanks, grief and trauma, mythology, mycology, conscious death and home funerals, and empowered menstruation, sex, and childbirth.

    this Q&A includes:
    • vitamin D supplements - supplements are partial.. getting vitamin D from the sun, and shiitake mushrooms..
    • digestive fire does not stay strong as we age- no need to beat yourself up over it..
    • thyroid- iodine test, Ryan Drum, seaweed..
    • explanation of the menstrual cycle..
    • why to not use the word perimenopause- it is disempowering..
    • cooking greens for at least 60 minutes..
    • nettle infusions..
    • when something upsets the mind, is there a belly ache to follow?

  • Friday, June 15, 2018 2:17 PM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    Feminist Witch Zsuzsanna Budapest

    Susun interviews Z Budapest.
    Zsuzsanna Emese Budapest was born in Budapest, Hungary, during a big winter storm on January 30, 1940. Her mother, Masika Szilagyi, was a medium and a practicing witch who supported herself and her daughter with her art, as a sculptress. Masika’s themes always celebrated the Triple Goddess and the Fates, and Zsuzsanna, “Z,” grew up respecting and appreciating Mother Nature as a god. Z has led rituals, lectured, taught classes, given workshops, written articles tirelessly, and published in hundreds of women’s newspapers across the country. She has powerfully influenced many of the future teachers and writers about the Goddess. The California Institute for Integral studies in San Francisco recognized Z’s contribution to Women’s Spirituality Movement. Today Z lives in Santa Cruz, California, giving workshops and lectures but always making time to smell the roses. She is the founder and director of the Women’s Spirituality Forum, a nonprofit organization sponsoring Goddess spirituality retreats and festivals for women and young girls.

    this episode Q&A includes:
    • cervical spondylosis- affirmations and visulizations give us our life back, comfrey..
    • castor oil pack to treat bone spurs..
    • every atom in my body is new every 7-10 days- atoms make up cells..
    • a poultice or fomentation..
    • low iron- red meat, liver, nettle infusion- plant iron needs animal iron to circulate in the blood..
    • yucca used as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis- desert southwest plant, preparations..
    • soul retrieval by covering the body with the earth..

  • Friday, June 08, 2018 11:41 AM | Wise Woman (Administrator)
    Astrologer Virginia Bell

    Susun interviews Virginia Bell.
    Virginia Bell is a full time writer and astrologer. She has written horoscope columns for websites and magazines. She currently writes for Die Welt (the German publication) and Watch! the CBS magazine and blog for The Huffington Post. Virginia is the author of Midlife Is Not A Crisis: Using Astrology To Thrive In The Second Half Of Life. She currently lectures on astrology, inspiration and aging.
    Before becoming involved in astrology she owned one of the first natural foods restaurants in New York City: Whole Wheat 'N Wild Berrys (from 1974-1995). She then went on to own a second restaurant in the Berkshires from 1988-1991. Virginia co-authored The Manhattan Health Pages: A Guide to Educate, Pamper and Inspire You. During that period Virginia also lectured on health and wellness.

    this episode Q&A includes:
    • basically all raspberry species are used the same medicinally- growing cycle and when to harvest..
    • seeds of yellow dock used for medicine and food..
    • making lavender sun tea..
    • comfrey for closed injuries at the joint, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones..
    • cancer care and quality of life or quantity of life..
    • cancer diagnosis- the first thing you're going to have to cope with is your fear and anxiety..
    • homeopathy used to clear family tendencies- literally change at a genetic level..

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