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Personal Mentorship

with Susun Weed


Susun Weed

Susun Weed, green witch and wise woman, is an extraordinary teacher with a joyous spirit, a powerful presence, and an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and health. She is the voice of the Wise Woman Way, where common weeds, simple ceremony, and compassionate listening support and nourish health/wholeness/holiness. She has opened hearts to the magic and medicine of the green nations for three decades. Ms. Weed's six herbal medicine books focus on women's health topics including: menopause, childbearing, and breast health. 

Join Susun here on Personal Mentorship with Susun Weed for exclusive weekly content, videos, audios, recipes, articles, teleseminar replays, online courses, books, study guide, bonus gifts and even Personal one on one phone sessions with Susun! 

Because it helps to have someone to talk to.

Mentorship Offerings

Herbal Medicine Mentorship 

When you are ready to strengthen the foundation for your healing work.
Join Susun as she shares her herbal wisdom with you. Includes access to premium site content and more…

Wise Woman Mentorship

Join me as I share my herbal wisdom with you. This mentorship includes two 20 minute talks with me, as well as access to more premium site content and more.

Green Goddess Mentorship 

This mentorship includes an online course, a digital copy of Healing Wise or mp3s, a coupon for another online course .. Three 20 minute phone talks with me, all premium site content and more

Green Blessings Mentorship

This mentorship includes, an online course, a bonus online course, a digital copy of Healing Wise And mp3s .. Eight  half-hour phone talks with me, All premium site content and much more.


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