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Elder Counters Inflammation
Elder Counters Inflammation

by Susun Weed

Would you like to try some elder berry preserves?

 I enjoy it mixed into yogurt, but let’s also have some crackers with tara cheese (or cream cheese) and a smear of elder preserves. Heavenly! That ought to bring a cooling breath to any inflamed emotions, joints, guts, lungs, throats, and private parts. Thank you Elda Mor.

Elder berries reduce inflammation. Throughout the centuries elder has been used in teas, infusions, wines, preserves, and ointments to reduce swelling internally and externally.

Elder berry is considered a specific to reduce swelling in the mucus tissues, especially when that swelling and irritation is caused by bacterial or viral infections (colds, flu, sore throat, cough, bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pneumonia).

Elder berries taken internally are useful for easing inflammation associated with wounds, sprains, and bruises, and old or injured joints. (Ointments are used too, but they are usually made from the twigs and leaves, as the berries stain everything they touch.)

Elder berry preserves reduce the symptoms of allergies as well; less sneezing, itchiness, and swelling reward those who ask for elder’s help.

Elder berry increases the proliferation and release of inflammation-busting cytokines, so the effect is systemic, not local. Inflammation lies behind most of the major problems of our time: stroke, heart attack, blood vessel disease, diabetes, arthritis, headaches, cancer, and probably obesity as well. Elda Mor is literally a life saver.

Add elder berries to your breakfast: in your cereal, on your toast, mixed into yogurt, poured onto pancakes. Whether you make preserves, jam, jelly, syrup, or decoction, you will reap the longevity and anti-inflammatory benefits of elder.

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