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Harvest Abundance
Harvest Abundance

Harvest abundance to you all and green greetings

Harvest abundance to you all and green greetings

My shelves are glowing and groaning with the weight of all the new preparations – vinegars, tinctures, honeys, and oils. (The pestos are in the fridge and the wines are in the cellar.)

I trust you are adding to your stores as well, remedies both old and new.

Experiment! Make something you’ve never tried before.

Remedies we are making right now include: Self-heal (Prunella vulgaris) vinegar, which is an amazing rosy red and surprisingly flavorful for a scentless mint.

Elder berry honey, ready to use as an instant tea to ward off colds this winter. White pine vinegar, to keep us supplied with vitamin C in the winter.

Schisandra oxymel, to nourish chi, jing, and shen (the 3 energies of life). And pestos, pestos, pestos. Pestos from basil, shiso, oxalis, dandelion, garlic mustard, curly dock leaves. Pestos so we have antioxidant-rich greens during the dark months.

Speaking of the growing dark, the creeping Jenny (Glechoma hederacea) wine smelled so good when we were bottling it that I can hardly wait until winter solstice to open it and imbibe.

Coming up? Seeds and roots. More food, more remedies. More green blessings.


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