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Hypericum Myth or Truth?
Hypericum Myth or Truth?

by Susun Weed

St. John's/Joan's wort (Hypericum perforatum)

• Causes sun sensitivity?

• Is not safe if taken with anti-depression medications?

• Is a powerful anti-viral?

• Makes birth control pills not work?

• Strongly affects the nerves?

• Should never be dried and used as a tea or in capsules?

• Is unsafe for infants and nursing moms?

• Can prevent radiation burns?

• Teaches your skin to resist sun damage?

• Eases muscle pain?

• Improves physical performance?

• Reverses sciatica?

• Is most effective when standardized?

• Counters herpes?

• Controls HIV?

• Improves liver detoxification?


Hypericum perforatum is one of my favorite herbs. It makes me sad (and mad) to see it banned, outlawed, and feared. Come on! Let's end the nonsense. Join me, Susun Weed, and 21 other lovers of St. John's/Joan's wort, while we share our decades of personal and clinical experiences, thoughts, visions, and research.

There is so much to do at the Hypericum Conference.

* Every new day brings new presentations on ways to prepare, use, and think about Hypericum.

* And every day each presenter is available to answer your questions in live a zoom session.

* There will also be Hypericum Shorts, Hypericum Marketplace, the Hypericum Kitchen And more!

Learn more and Register Now:

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