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Lacto-fermented Cucumbers
Lacto-fermented Cucumbers

If you are awash in cucumbers, try this.

I can deal with lots of zucchini, but the recent flood of cucumbers left me grasping for creative ways to use the darn things. I even resorted to serve them as a cooked vegetable. (Not bad.)

Then I checked out what Sally Fallon has to say about cucumbers, and lickety-split, I had them all taken care of. If you are awash in cucumbers, try this.

Wash cucumbers. Cut into your favorite pieces. I prefer spears. Some like slices.

Pack pieces tightly into a wide-mouthed canning jar.

If desired, add cloves of peeled raw garlic here and there in the jar.

If desired, add fresh dill or mustard seed.

Pour one tablespoonful of sea salt on top of the cucumbers in the jar.

Add four tablespoonfuls of whey to the jar. (Let some plain yogurt sit in your refrigerator for a while and a clear liquid – whey – will form on the top.) (Sally says do not use powdered whey.)

Fill the jar to within an inch of the top with non-chlorinated water.

Lid tightly. Very tightly.

Let sit in a shady place at room temperature for 48-50 hours, then refrigerate.

Your lacto-fermented cucumbers are ready to eat in six weeks but grow better with age.

Thank you Sally Fallon

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