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Leek Top Oxymel: A Fall Tonic
Leek Top Oxymel: A Fall Tonic

by Susun Weed

We got potatoes and leeks as part of our CSA share, so I asked Mik to make my favorite soup.

 I stood nearby while the leeks were thinly sliced, and grabbed the ends and too-tough tops before they hit the compost. The rabbits won't eat anything in the Allium genus, and neither the goats nor the worms are too fond of them either, so it's up to me to recycle the "inedible" parts of the leeks.

I went through the leek tops and discarded any that were wilted, discolored, or slimy.

The rest I chopped into one-inch pieces, which i stuffed into a jar with the root ends (roots and all). I poured pasteurized apple cider vinegar almost to the top of the jar.

Then I poured the vinegar out of the jar, into a bowl (a measuring cup is good too). And mixed in some honey. Yummy. A spoonful at a time, tasting until I smiled. Oxymels can have the same amount of honey as vinegar, but that is too sweet for me.

I poured the mix of vinegar and honey back over the leek tops, using a chop stick to make sure the solution got all the way to the bottom. Filled it right to the very top. Added a lid and a pretty label.

If you can't wait six weeks before tasting this delicious cold-preventing remedy. I admit I can't either. In fact, I usually taste it the very next day and often start to sip it by week two. The colder the weather, the more I crave this fall tonic.

And the potato-leek soup (with our goats' milk) was memorable. Thanks Mik.

Green blessings


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