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Ode to cabbage family
Ode to cabbage family

"Four servings of cabbage family plants per week reduces cancer risk by half."

Rainbow warrior womb-one cabbage, I sing your praises.

I sing in color, fiercely, with savor and scent, as you do, oh cabbage, oh queen of the garden.

Purple, blue, green, white, and gold: Rainbow Woman, your colors are endless.

Oh yes, I sing your praises in glowing hues.

Leaf, flower, seed, and root; Warrior Woman, you give your all.

Oh, fiercely, I sing your praises.

Brussels sprouts, kale, rutabaga, radish, mustard, collards, bok choy, turnip, arugula, watercress, daikon, kohlrabi, collards; Great Mother, Womb-one Woman, your nourishing forms are infinite.

With sharp scents, I praise you.

Rainbow warrior womb-one cabbage, your powers amaze me.

I am in awe of your endless uses.

I am astonished by your shape-shifting abilities.

I grate your roots (horseradish or wasabi) and mix them with vinegar (or water) to make a thick sauce.

I gather your leaves.

I gather your leaves singly, in bunches, in heads.

I gather your leaves to my bosom. I take them to heart.

I harvest your heads of tightly-furled flower buds (broccoli, cauliflower), steam until tender, then saute with garlic in butter, oh my!

I grind mustard seeds into a condiment or turn them into a deadly gas.

Rainbow warrior womb-one cabbage, your stories are legion.

Babies are left – by a stork – under a cabbage leaf.

What is “kraut?” It is cabbage. As in sauerkraut, fermented cabbage. Kraut is a cultivated plant, not a weed; a weed is unkraut (not cabbage). Kraut becomes all edible plants as krauter, vegetable.

Four servings of cabbage family plants per week reduces cancer risk by half.

Cabbage family, mustard family, Brassicaceae, cole, Crucifera, cress.

Every name for you is a name of praise.

Rainbow warrior womb-one cabbage, all praise, all gratitude are your just rewards.

We are blessed by your presence in our lives.

Look around you. Green blessings (of a cabbage family sort) are everywhere!


p.s. I am looking for a few more women to join me the Green Goddess Apprentice Week. Jump into summer! Jump into green blessings.

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