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We just had a class on seeds. So much of what we eat is seeds. All grains — including corn, rice, and wheat — are seeds.

All beans (except green beans) are seeds. Nuts are seeds. And, of course there are non-grain seeds from sesame, poppy, sunflower, pumpkin, chia, quinoa, and amaranth.

Surprise! Quinoa and amaranth seeds are probably already in your garden, ready to harvest. They are common weeds everywhere in the world, especially in corn fields and home gardens.

Here’s what the plants look like when the seeds are ripe.

To collect amaranth seeds, I rub the seed heads over a bowl, then winnow out the inedible hulls. To collect “wild quinoa” — better known as lamb’s quarter — I cut or pull the mature plant and hang it over newspaper to dry, then rub the seeds out of the heads and winnow.

I store my seeds in glass jars and add the seeds to oatmeal, rice, bread, pancakes, even cookies.

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