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Soothing Sitz Bath, Healing Bath
Soothing Sitz Bath, Healing Bath

Soothes inflamed and tender tissues, heals trauma, lubricates.

*Soak 2 ounces/60g dried or 8 ounces/250g fresh mallow 

or comfrey roots, leaves, and/or flowers in 2 quarts/liters of cold water in a pot overnight.

*Then bring to a boil.

*Cover, remove from heat, and steep for 4–6 hours.


*Warm the liquid, pour it into a small tub and sitz in it.

Alternately, pour it into a hot bath.

Or refrigerate and drink it. A dose is a cup or more a day —heated or iced, sweetened or not — daily for at least ten days.

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