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Twilight Salad
Twilight Salad

by Susun Weed

* Buy a nice bunch of arugala or watercress. Or, better yet, harvest your own. Chop into 1½-inch lengths.

* Collect 30-40 large first-year garlic mustard leaves and tear them into thirds or quarters.

* Collect 25-30 hedge mustard leaves and tear them in half.

* Collect ¼ cup creeping Jenny tops and mince.


Toss all greens together.

Garnish lavishly with Queen of the Night blossoms, periwinkle flowers, and purple pansies.

Serve – at twilight, of course – with tamari, herbal vinegars*, extra virgin olive oil, and gomasio.


*** Garlic mustard root vinegar and garlic pigtail vinegar are especially good choices

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