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What's a Spring Tonic?
What's a Spring Tonic?

Tonics tone. Tonics give us rooted energy. Tonics prepare us for change.

 Tonics strengthen us from the inside out, like exercise for our organs. Spring tonics ease the transition from winter to summer. They enliven the heart, clear the lungs, activate healthy hormonal changes, and ease the nerves. Come and enjoy tasty, easy-to-find and easy-to-prepare spring tonics with me. We will bite birch buds, harvest wild leeks (ramps), make nettle soup, create chive butter, cook up a mess of garlic mustard greens, and harvest wild greens for a stunning salad. Your smile will last for months. And the knowledge you gain will support your health for decades.

What's a Spring Ephemeral?

Before the trees spread their leaves, native plants - spring ephemerals - take advantage of the sunny days and active pollinators to put out their flowers. Many of them are now endangered or rare. But some live with me, in safety. Come on an adventure into the deep woods and let's see what we can find. I promise to show you ginseng and coptis, bloodroot and trout lily. What else will we find? Orchids? Hepatica? Surprises are the norm when we put ourselves in Nature's elegant hands.

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