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Winter Wellness in Four Easy Steps. 4
Winter Wellness in Four Easy Steps. 4

Part 4
Nourish Immunity with Gratitude and Lifestyle

Brown fat activation, good food and herbs are great, but mood, sleep, and serenity have major impacts on immunity. Candace Pert, visiting professor of neuroscience at Rutgers University, has proven that every cell of the body participates in the immune system through an integrated network of chemical, electrical, and hormonal signals. The immune system is a network, she says, which resonates with the vibrations that surround it. It is as affected by emotions as by bacteria, as impacted by thoughts as by drugs.

Long-standing low-level depression, smoldering anger that is never expressed, bitterness and vengeance projected into the future — all have been shown to depress immune functioning.

Be grateful. Prayer, affirmation, positive thinking - no matter what you call it, talking lovingly to yourself and being grateful for everything builds powerful immunity. One of the fiercest old women I know, healer Margo Geiger, taught me to not only think good thoughts but also to unthink immune system stressing phrases like: "This is killing me," or "I’m dying to . . ." ("Let’s live for it!" she’d say.)

Virtually all drugs depress the immune system. This includes caffeine and nicotine, alcohol, prescribed drugs, "recreational" drugs, and vitamin/mineral supplements. For a healthy immune system, eat simple, well-cooked, nourishing food, drink nourishing herbal infusions, and forgo the pills.

Both light and dark are necessary for a strong immune system. For optimum immune system strength, sleep in a totally dark room at night, and spend at least 15 minutes a day outside without glasses or contacts. Full spectrum sunlight is needed to trigger the production of important immune system components.

Exercise is necessary for healthy immune system functioning. Numerous clinical trials have shown regular exercise — even for ten minutes a day — to be strongly linked to heightened immunity. The emphasis is on regular. It is better to walk one mile four times a week for a month than to jog those 16 miles all at once.

Winter Wellness in Four Easy Steps: Summary

Nourishing immunity is simple: get cold, eat green, adopt herbal allies, sleep dark, throw the pills in the trash, move your muscles, and drink a quart of nourishing herbal infusion daily. Enjoy the upward spiral of health as you follow the path of the Wise Woman Way.

Green blessings

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