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Work-exchange Weekend Great Success
Work-exchange Weekend Great Success

by Susun Weed

A huge thank you to the many helping hands who joined us at our most recent work weekend.

We focused on the deck and turned it into our summer paradise. We moved all the deck furniture out and we brought over one hundred plants outside. Smiles

• We hung fluttering flags for joy

Flags and cluster lilies.

• We used our muscles — and our wits — to move the big plants.

Here are some of the big plants we moved. Heavy work. Satisfying.

• We swept and washed and watered. We sang and joked and shared.

Cluster lilies. A gift of a few wee bulbs from my Florida apprentices yields huge spurs of wonderfully scented flowers years later. Gratitude. Gratitude.

• We brought the Meyers lemon tree outside. Carefully.

Yes. We get lemons from it every winter.

• We even managed to get the massive rubber tree outside. Whew!

This was three gnawed off sticks when it came to live with me. Now over 8 feet tall.

• We admired the valerian patch — just about to bloom.

Started from one root many years ago. Once it found its happy place, it has been unstoppable. I use the flowers for tincture rather than them roots, but have to wait until the butterflies are done before harvesting.

• And we made nettle soup and picked a wild salad to accompany our fresh garlic goat cheese and homemade sprouted wheat sourdough bread for a nourishing lunch.

• And, of course, we watched the goats.

Do come and join us. There are tasks for all skills and ability levels.

As I approach 80 years old, I valued help from younger muscles.

Come for a day, or come for the weekend.

Looking forward to working with you soon.

Green blessings


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