Work Weekends at the Wise Woman Center

We had a wonderful, joyous, productive work weekend April 23-24.
Gratitude to all the helpers, past, present and future.
We couldn't make the cheese you love without your help.
The high point of our weekend was welcoming new baby goats.
They are about one hour old in the photos.

baby goats 4-26-22 SW.jpg
2 baby goats 4-26-22 SW.jpg

Such Joy

nettle garden.jpg

Some of us worked in the nettle garden: raking, pulling dead stalks, and harvesting.
It looks so pretty now.

nettle soup_edited.jpg

We made nettle soup of course, and yummy fresh nettle pesto. So good.

Stall SW.jpg

Others tackled the barn. We got Erishkegal's stall down to the bare boards.

compost pile SW.jpg

Then we started a new compost pile.

1 stall SW.jpg

While we moved finished compost — two trucks worth — we were visited by the new baby bunnies born to our "adventure rabbits." White Rabbit jumped out of the cage last spring and was joined by Wild Hare in the autumn. They live under the barn and in the hay, where, obviously, they are busy creating more generations. They make us smile (except when they eat my tulips). Then we built a new door on the new mom's stall and picked wild salad.

1 Daffodils SW.jpg
2 daffodils SW.jpg

We enjoyed all the flowers: The daffodils were in riotous laughter.

Wild tulips #9 SW.jpg
Wild tulips #2 SW.jpg

The wild tulips were shining.

marsh marigold #1 SW.jpg
marsh marigold #2 SW.jpg

The marsh marigold awed us.

Come join us for a few hours or a whole weekend. There's always something glorious happening here. Green blessings abound.