Rebecca Rozelle Presnall

Rebecca Rozelle Pressnall is a Wise Woman Herbalist with many years of experiential learning through organic farming, trail building, shamanic herbal apprenticeship, natural birthing, motherhood and her ever evolving journey with plants, mushrooms and earth medicines. Growing up with a family history of much abuse and addiction, Rebecca set out on a long and rewarding healing journey at a young age, a journey that has not been without some major twists, turns, and somersaults. Knowing deeply she needed a change, she joined a wilderness trail-building program in her homeland of the Northwest. This move, indeed, changed her life. She knew that being close to and within nature was her calling. This realization led her to working on organic farms in Oregon and Northern California, where she learned much of healthy soils, plant cycles and the hard work of cultivating herbs and vegetables. More doorways began to be revealed, and through one, Rebecca found her way to her long time teacher Susun Weed's farm-homestead in 2004 for a life-long Herbal Shamanic Apprenticeship. Rebecca has her own herb business that she manages through Etsy. She utilizes her wisdom and passion for cultivating relationship to old plants that connect us to ancient parts of ourselves that are ready for healing and to be brought into wholeness.