Show Moderator Sarah Ellen

Susun interviews Sarah Ellen. 
Sarah Ellen, the show's moderator, shares her personal experience allying with poison ivy.
Sarah Ellen is a student of life. She cherishes the opportunity to live with awareness, and experience the wholeness of being alive. Sarah Ellen lives at her home, Heartsong, in Barrington Hills, Illinois with her husband Jay, and their dogs, cats, goats and chickens. 
She intends each day to know and remember her inherent connection with the Earth and all the magic and beauty that surround her.
Sarah Ellen has studied virtually with Asia Suler, and personally with Linda Conroy, Pam Montgomery and her lifelong teacher and kindred Susun Weed. She gives great regard and gratitude to her unconditionally loving teachers and co~creators the plants, animals, elements and the well~spring of her own  blood and bones that hold the memories and knowings of all the Wise Women and their sons, who came before her. What gifts could be received from a poison ally? During a 2015 three season herbalism class at the Resiliency Institute in Naperville, Illinois taught by herbalist Linda Conroy Sarah Ellen found out. Asked to choose a plant ally Sarah asked that the plant choose her. Though not who she expected, when Poison Ivy appeared it was an invitation too curious to pass up.