Carolyn Griffeth

Carolyn is a Spiritual Mentor, Ritualist, Dream Worker, and Woman of Prayer. She holds her work as two blossoms united on one stem.  First, she serves as a spiritual mentor to activists and visionaries around the country.  Second, she is an intuitive ritualist and founder of Earthkeeper Wisdom School which explores the power of community and ceremony for social change and personal transformation. These offerings unite around her mystical journey of Earth-reverence and Divine surrender.  Carolyn’s work is also enriched by the following: she holds a master degree in pastoral arts, a certificate in spiritual direction, spiritual direction supervision, and in Shamanic Energy Medicine through the Four Winds, as well as training in emotional clearing techniques, conflict transformation, A Course in Miracles, and the Work that Reconnects. She also joyfully weaves within women's circles in which the Divine Feminine is revered and the priestess path remembered. Carolyn is dedicated to the work of eliminating racism and all forms of oppression, and to honoring the Earth and all living Beings; these commitments infuse all her offerings. 

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