Writer Marilynne Roach

Marilynne K. Roach, writer, illustrator, and confirmed history nerd, has published articles for journals as diverse as the New England Historical and Genealogical Registerand the Lizzie Borden Quarterly, and also nine books including The Salem Witch Trials: A Day by Day Chronicle of a Community Under Siege, and the biographical Six Women of Salem. As a member of the Gallows Hill Group she helped verify the site of the 1692 witch trial hangings, a conclusion that Archaeology Magazine included in its list of  2017's ten most important discoveries.

Q & A topics include:

  • caller follow-up: nourishing herbal infusions

  • advice for older women who had hysterectomies in their 20's

  • over-wintering plants indoors/pest control

  • paranoia

  • ear infection

  • vaccination effects

  • chronic Lyme disease