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8 great ways to eat Garlic
8 great ways to eat Garlic

Garlic - Short and sweet and quick to eat.

1.   Garlic Toast: Mince a garlic clove. Toast a piece of whole wheat bread. Butter it. Add the minced garlic. Eat.
2.   Garlic Dip: Mix 1-3 teaspoons of granulated or powdered garlic and ¼ teaspoon salt into ½ cup yogurt and ½ cup cream cheese. Spread on crackers or use as a dip with chips.
3.   Garlic Greens: Cook a pot of greens for at least one hour. While the greens are still hot, add 2-6 cloves thinly-sliced or minced garlic, 2 tablespoons olive oil, and 1 tablespoon tamari or miso. Eat hot or cold.
4.   Garlic Honey: Put unpeeled (Important! Leave peels on!) fresh garlic cloves in a small jar. Cover completely with honey. Lid and label. Ready to use in 24 hours.
5.   Garlic Vinegar: Fill a jar with your choice of whole or cut fresh garlic or garlic scapes or flowers. Fill jar to the top with apple cider vinegar. Use a non-metal lid; plastic, glass, rubber, cork are fine. Ready to use in 7 days.
6.   Forever Garlic Vinegar: As above, but pasteurize the vinegar first by boiling it briefly in a non-metal pot, then cooling completely before pouring over garlic. This vinegar will stay good for up to five years, as opposed to the previous vinegar, which is good for no more than 6 months.
7.   Garlic Oil: Mince fresh garlic and add to a small jar of extra virgin olive oil. Lid and label. Ready to use in 24 hours Do not use in food after a month, but okay to use as an antifungal on your feet or other places if it gets too old.
8.   Garlic Tonic: Mix together equal parts garlic honey and garlic vinegar. Put in a dropper bottle and take by the dropperful, as needed, to prevent or treat colds/flu.

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