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Nourishing Herbal Infusions

How to make a nourishing herbal infusion.

One ounce (30 grams) dried herb
*  Always use dried herb
*  Always weigh the herb
    In a quart (liter) of boiling water. 
*  Always use boiling water
    Tightly covered and steeped (off the heat) for 4-10 hours. 
    Drink a quart a day. 

 *  Never use fresh herb, the cell walls are intact
*  Never use a handful or a cup of herb, only a weighed ounce
*  Never use aromatic herbs for infusion; a pinch may be added for flavoring

 *  Make in a jar or a pot. 
    For serious situations make in a jar. 
*  Consume hot, cold, or inbetween.
*  Add anything to your infusion: honey, milk, lemon, whiskey, fruit juice, coffee. . . 

 *  Treat infusions like blood
    Infusions spoil rapidly due to high protein content. 
    Infusions need to be kept cold after brewing. 
    Making large amounts requires a way to cool the pot rapidly. 

 *  Put spent herb in your compost pile. 
    Or broadcast it across your lawn. 
    Or mulch your house plants with it. 
    Or give it to a favorite tree. 
    Spoiled infusion is fertilizer for plants.

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