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Burdock Stalk Marinade

Preparation time: An hour to set it up to marinate, plus 10 minutes just before serving. Try this at your next lawn party or cook out! Serves 15-20.

4 cups/1 liter burdock stalk
2 cups/500ml green beans
1 c/250ml mushroom slices
1 tsp/5 ml dried thyme
1 tsp/5ml dried marjoram
1 tsp/5ml dried mint
1 cup/250ml olive oil
3 Tbs/45ml herb vinegar
6 Tbs/90ml tamari
½ tsp/3ml garlic powder
2 c/500ml cherry tomatoes
1 cup/250ml black olives
8 Tbs/125ml fresh chives
8 Tbs/125ml fresh parsley

 Soak and parboil burdock stalk pieces. Cut beans in half and cook until tender. Mix mushroom slices and dried herbs in a large bowl or jar with warm beans and burdock. Combine oil, vinegar, tamari, and garlic powder. Mix well and pour on. Let marinate in a cool place all day or all night. Add cherry tomatoes, olives, and fresh herbs just before serving.

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