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A Blessing from the Trees ~ On Being Expanded
A Blessing from the Trees ~ On Being Expanded

by Devorah Spilman

Rain and sun and wind and blessing, weaving joy around me and creating the magical forest I love so much! Come in with me for a blessing!

A Blessing from the Trees

We are always ready and happy to bless all of you from all of us in oneness.

Feel the eternal oneness of the moment.

Feel a sense of being transported outside of time and space and plans and worry.

Feel elevated and expanded into the eternal expanded creative realm of the spirit world.

It is always, at all times, connected, interconnected in a oneness of wonder.

Feel the expanded realm of your being.

Let yourself feel beautiful, loved, joy, happiness, wonder, blessing and gratitude.

Let yourself be overcome by blessing, by love, by beauty.

Let these feeling well up like an overflowing fountain of the water of life filling you and replenishing you in a cycle that regenerates and rebuilds itself endlessly in you.

Allowing you to become all that you have always been.

Into the future that already is.

As you grow beyond what you already are and know that you are becoming.

Let yourself feel deeply.

Pause in the moment and go into your heart and feel loved and expanded, held and cared for.

Feel that you are loved and cared for, guided and nourished.

You are unique and beautiful and cherished.

Let this be balm for your soul, for the wounds from those that did not see you, know you, love you as you are.

Now is your moment to shine the true beauty of your being and be seen for the true essence of your unique light and beauty.

For the greatness of your being.

Oh beautiful ones, know that you are wondrous.

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