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A Guide to Creative Visualisation
A Guide to Creative Visualisation

by Karen Pereczes

Learning to use your imagination in a conscious way is a creative tool you can use every day.

Imagination is something that (like dreams and co-incidences) are all too easily dismissed as, “Oh, it was just my imagination…..”

Your imagination is incredibly powerful and, when used correctly, can enhance your life by creating what you really want. The old adage ‘Where attention goes, energy flows’ really is true. Pay attention to the thoughts you think. Don’t waste them on worries or doubts… you’ll only create more of them. Look at your life now - both the good bits and all the not-so-good-bits… You are creating it all. Yes… all of it!

Things happen all the time that are beyond your control, but it is how you respond to the situation that counts. You choose. These so-called ‘negative’ experiences or ‘problems’ are excellent opportunities to change the way you think and behave. These experiences are often the things we need most of all for our souls to evolve and grow as spirit incarnate.

A word of caution: Never try to manipulate another person’s reality to achieve your goal! This will only backfire on you anyway. All thoughts carry a vibration and, as such, have the potential to harm another. Be mindful of the thoughts you think!

4 Simple Steps To Achieving Your Hearts Desire:

Step 1 – Set Your Goal
Decide what it is that you want. This isn’t as easy as it sounds… Be as specific as possible and focus on one thing at a time.

Step 2 – Create a Clear Mental Picture
Light a candle in a safe place and relax. Light some incense and meditate if you want. Now imagine your hearts desire… go for it!

Step 3 – Give it Energy
Focus your love and intent on your minds image. It is always important to include the following statement when sending thought energy out into the world: ‘This, or something better, exists for me now - for the highest good of all concerned.’

Step 4 – Let it Go
If you’re holding on to what you want, it will never manifest! Send it out into the Universe with a joyful and loving heart. A wonderful way to do this is to surround your mental picture in a pink balloon or bubble - then let it go. Watch it drift off into the Universe…

Putting pen to paper can also be an effective technique. Write your ideal scenario in the present tense as though you have already achieved what you wanted. Use your imagination to the full here to completely describe how you’re feeling and what you experience.

Another fun idea is to make a ‘treasure map’ to manifest your hearts desire. Making a treasure map is an artistic expression that brings your imagination into the physical realm by creating something of substance. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece… but the more you enjoy and the more time and care you put into the experience, as with anything in life, the better the results!

My sister and friend once did this when they were searching for a house to share. Everyone involved had an input – including the children. Each person cut out pictures and keywords from magazines that best described what they wanted their house to be like - including location, size, number of rooms, etc. They put the finished masterpiece up on the wall in a prominent place, where they would regularly notice it, thereby giving it energy. Imagine their surprise when they found a home that met all of their requirements… including the llama that my niece had stuck onto the picture (because she liked it!). Be careful what you wish for….

What to do if you are having problems achieving your goal?

• Consider the possibility that it just isn’t meant to be. Whatever the reason is, it will eventually become clear. When you are meant to know, you will know. It is my belief that there is always a reason for everything. I don’t always know what it is… but it makes me feel better!

• Give it time. Sometimes it takes a while for things to manifest. Just when you’ve given up hope… *zing!*… and there it is! (Sometimes you realise you don’t want it any more. That’s a bummer!)

• Sometimes what we think we want isn’t necessarily what it is. Perhaps you just have to trust Great Spirit on this one… perhaps you already have what you wanted, but don’t recognise it?

You stand a better chance of achieving your goal if you stay out of your own way – don’t force the issue! If you’re struggling and striving to make something happen and it just isn’t, then there’s a strong possibility that you’re being shown another road that you’re not considering because you’re so focused on this one. Be open to all possibilities.

And don’t forget… when you accomplish a goal, no matter how small, remember to acknowledge this - so give yourself a pat on the back and congratulate yourself!


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