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A Sacred Life
A Sacred Life

by Roslyne Sophia Breillat

The world we live in ignores the true meaning of sacredness, the true meaning of living a sacred life.

The simplicity of the sacred is obscured by false ideas and separation from the earth. It is veiled by complicated structures, misuse of power and attachment to unreal beliefs. It is outdated, abandoned, discarded. It is deemed too uncivilised, too primitive, too unnecessary, too unimportant. Western civilisation is based upon the illusion that nothing is sacred.

We have forgotten that we tread upon sacred ground. We have forgotten that our bodies and our lives are sacred. We have forgotten that all of life is sacred. We have forgotten that each moment, that each day, is precious and sacred. We have forgotten that we are blessed upon this earth. And we have forgotten the delicious sweetness and sacred art of living in the stillness of now.

We have forgotten that the female spirit, the spirit of the earth, is sacred. And we have forgotten that the spirit of the earth lives within every woman.

It is time for her to awaken to the powerful wisdom within her womb, the womb of life, the womb of the earth. It is time for her to return to the sacred presence of impersonal love deep within her heart. It is time for her to bring forth all that has been suppressed, all that has lain dormant for aeons. It is time for her to set herself free from the oppression of male dominated civilisation. For when she is free, he will be free. And when both are free, all will be free.

Every woman is the heroine of her own unique and intimate mythical journey. Every woman is her own guide, her own mentor, her own saviour, her own healer. Far beyond the shallow tides where the world entices her to swim, the oceanic depths of her intuitive knowing stir her creativity, her inspiration, her passion, her wildness, her dreams.

This immortal realm of the feminine spirit embraces an innate ability to sift the true from the false, the real from the unreal, the garbage from the pearls, the sacred from the mundane. But when she is fooled by the world, she fools herself. She then suffers from being a part of the illusion instead of being wholly and holy woman.

Our civilisation as it is today cannot perceive or reach the powerful depths of the female essence. It has run from these depths for so long that it has forgotten who she really is. Because all it knows is ignorance, force, unconsciousness, it can only portray her or relate to her through these unreal concepts. And so she flounders, trying to keep up with a world that does not see her or honour her as sacred.

The misuse of masculine power and authority ruling this contemporary world has slowly and insidiously seeped throughout the cells of the feminine psyche. It has infiltrated those sacred places inside her where only love is meant to enter. It has dammed her purity. It has ignored her pleas to be heard, to be seen, not as the world hears or sees her, but as the radiant splendour of her true being. It has polluted holy ground. And for this it must pay a price.

The female psyche is naturally fluid, receptive and infinitely deep, taking in and absorbing all surrounding influences. To live from the sacred wisdom of her true essence a woman must eventually swim against the currents of the world. She must eventually learn to live in this world but not of it. For her true place is beyond existence. And her true place is of the sacred.

Modern civilisation seduces her with faint-hearted promises and cleverly guised manipulations. These cause her to stumble when she needs to run free, to cry out for love when she needs to be love. They entice her to fill an inner void of emptiness when she needs to flow from the wellspring of its fullness. She trips, she falls, she gets up again, not knowing what causes her to fall, why she is being pulled so far from the nurturing power of her inner source, why she is angry, sad, dissatisfied, moody, unfulfilled.

Our society has lost its ability to relate to her as a real woman. For it no longer knows what a real woman is. She seeks more diets, exercise, work, clothes, lovers, botox, collagen and plastic surgery because she feels insecure, self-doubtful and not good enough as she is.

The falsity of the world cannot bear the raw and naked power of her face without the mask of illusion it has created. She has been taught to fear her passion, her power, her wildness, her fire. She has been taught to fear her strength, her sensitivity, her perceptions, her wisdom. She has been taught to fear who she is instead of being the love that she is. For she is love, and love is sacred.

The media increasingly preys upon her self doubt, reaping millions of dollars from her emotional insecurity, her natural desire for beauty and her innate longing for love. Through being treated as a sexual object instead of a Goddess of love she allows her body to be used and misused for entertainment, for satisfaction, for profit, for greed. She no longer knows her sacredness. And neither does he.

Look within, dear woman. See how you shine when the wise truth of your being is seen. See how you come alive when the sacred mystery of your body is loved. See how you are fulfilled when your insightful words are heard. See how your joy arises when you are acknowledged.

Do not hide your light under a bushel. Do not shrink from your power. Do not be less than your true authentic being. Know that the female form is sacred. Know that YOU are sacred. Stay away from fake promises and ties that bind. Stay away from false declarations of love that undermine your strength, that dull your shining light of truth. Do not compromise with seductive words that have no meaning.

It matters not how long it takes for you to find your true power. It matters much that you find it. You are important. You are an essential facet of life’s integrity. For you are mother of this earth, and this earth is sacred.

This world is changing, becoming crazier, becoming faster. And you are moving too fast in a mighty effort to keep up with the insanity of its momentum and its deploring lack of grace. The sacredness of your female nature cannot be felt, acknowledged, lived or seen while you are swept along at such a fierce pace.

Gather with your lovers, your sisters, your children, your family, your friends. Find in friendship and in love what is true and deep and real. Open your heart to all that is authentic. Discard the false. Let go of all that is unreal. Be with nature. Be with the earth. Be with those quiet and sacred places where the power of silence echoes through your body and your being.

Call forth the earth spirit from within you. She knows your love, your beauty, your pain. Be with the mighty power of Mother Earth within your womb and you will know real sacredness.

Dissolve with your lover into the exquisite place that only true lovemaking can take you and you will know the depth of real sacredness. Be with the innocent delight of your children and you will know the purity of real sacredness. Be, simply be, and you will know the joy of real sacredness. Live in gratitude for all that you are given and the wisdom of the sacred will flower in your heart.

When we invite gratitude into our hearts we also invite sacredness. For these two walk hand in hand. When we truly embrace this invitation we create more simplicity in our lives. Everything false is stripped away. Everything we do becomes more real. And everything we do has more purpose. We then dive ever deeper into the heart of truth. And the seeds of truth are sacred seeds.

Wander through the cities. Meander through the marketplace. Embrace the stillness within the centre of the cyclone, the quietness beneath the hustle and bustle, the peace within all busyness. See the delicate green leaves reflected in shining windows of tall sterile buildings. Inhale the sweet scent of fragrant spring flowers trailing through hidden suburban gardens. See that the earth’s beauty is everywhere and you will know the spirit of true sacredness.

The fine and simple essence of the sacred knows no time. It arises from the ancient mystery of a timeless place. It knows no rules or boundaries. It knows no force. It knows no demands. Nor does it know past or future. It is only ever here right now. Sacredness is beyond all thought, all emotion, all doubts, all fears. Sacredness is a shimmering and vital thread in the rich tapestry of life, in the mysterious depth of being.

Embrace the stillness and vastness of the love that you are. Be true to the beauty and truth and wisdom that you are. Know the reality of your true being as sacred. And you will always be with the sacredness of love and life.

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