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Conversations with Ourselves
Conversations with Ourselves

by Lady Barbara

When I start talking to myself, it invariably turns into a conference call.

Between my higher wisdom, my deeper selves, my inner children, a few guides (spirit, animal or otherwise) an angel or two, a faerie or six and the assorted wildlife that zips in through my windows to visit, it’s one busy subway station in here.

Of course, all these voices are ‘me’ or reflections of ‘me’ (except for that offstage voice we give so many names to, God/dess, Creator etc.)

I consider myself something of a communication junkie, I’m always writing or talking and WANTING responses…but only lately have I come to realize the value of communicating with myself in the ways that most of us spend our time wishing OTHERS would.

When was the last time you ADMONISHED yourself for something, called yourself stupid, or muttered to yourself, oh that was dumb. Probably it was TODAY. We all do it so often we don’t even NOTICE anymore. When was the last time you TOLD yourself how cool you really are, looked in a mirror and noted, Don’t you have the NEATEST face! instead of, Ugh my hair looks like crap.

Start making note, you may well be shocked at the ‘conversations’ that go on all day long, and just how many of them are unconsciously negative.

Having studied hypnotherapy, I am deeply aware of the astonishing power of the Mind/Body connection, and in no way am I talking about fooling my body into thinking something is true if it’s not.

I mean the responsiveness of our bodies and selves if we’ll only ‘talk’ to them in a language they understand. They HEARD alhugggggging yyoul those YOU IDIOT! messages and what you may NOT be aware of is that there was an answer.

The response is something to the tune of Yes, I guess you’re right or OK, if you say so. We’ve been INVESTING a lot of time into putting ourselves down. So it becomes hard for anyone to convince you that YOU know what YOU need.

How about an about-face here. Now trust me, I can pick a major fight with a post-it note affirmation on the bathroom mirror, so I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about changing the conversation.

Think you can do it? Start simple. You have the most wonderful eyes.

That wasn’t hard. Ooooh look how long your hair is getting!

If you were your own grandmother, how would you PRAISE yourself? And not just how you LOOK, but what you’re DOING. Good Job, you handled that WELL.

Allow me to introduce *Granny Unconditional* forget blood relations, this is pure Granny-ness. All she wants in the whole world is your highest good and she takes EVERY opportunity to say so.

It’s the funniest thing, even when folks think I’ve purely lost my mind in presenting *Granny Unconditional* they are delighted to find out just how effortless it is. After awhile she pops up whenever you need her, assuring you, it’s QUITE alright to nap a little, dear, you’ll feel SO much better if you do. Or suggesting Let’s fix something really NOURISHING to eat. That beats the old Denial ANY day.

What does this have to do with the Wise Woman Tradition? Everything. If the Scientific Tradition says “Trust my machine” and the Heroic tradition says “Trust ME,” the Wise Woman Tradition says “Trust YOURSELF”, and that’s what Granny Unconditional can open the way for, because, as mentioned at the beginning, all the ‘voices’ are YOU, and SHE’s one of the BEST.

You might want to consider her to be ‘Intuition Training Wheels’….just a really sweet bridge to your own knowledge of YOU. And she’s really wise. She’ll let you know, You really don’t NEED this right now or Let it go or Let it OUT. And what is wonderful is that after awhile, she no longer needs to stand and whisper behind your ear, she takes her place right behind your own eyes.

and you KNOW….

that you KNEW…

all along...

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