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Creating Peace
Creating Peace

by Takara

From a course in miracles: "If you want peace, you must give up the idea of conflict entirely and for all time."

If I taught a class entitled Manifestation 101, I would stand at the front of the classroom and say, "Whatever you focus on is what you experience. Class is over. Now go home and practice."

To have peace on planet earth, you must focus on peace. You must think about peace. You must BE peace.

Peace involves no anger.
Peace involves no fear.
Peace is living in harmony with others.

To have peace, you cannot consider war. You cannot talk about war. You cannot even mention the word. The word war instantly manifests negative emotions. It causes fear. It causes anger. It causes conflict. It causes war.

To actually create peace you must exude peace. Focusing on not having a war creates war. This is not creating peace. Focusing on how bad or wrong having a war is creates war. The more time and energy spent "fighting" the war, the more power and speed goes to creating the war.

The classic example of how this works says, "Don't think about an elephant." Well of course, when you say don't think about an elephant, the first thing you do is think about an elephant. The only way to not think about it is to never mention it in the first place. The same is true of war.

The ONLY way to create peace is to focus on peace and only peace.

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