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Dream a Mythic Dream with Me Part One
Dream a Mythic Dream with Me Part One

by Margaret Hart Lewis

Dream a Mythic Dream with Me! Let’s examine your soul's mythic dream and explore new ways of working with the rich symbology of your dreaming life.

Ideas to ponder:

• Dreaming is playful not mindful.

• Intend to dream; do not try to dream.

• Dreaming is one half of your life.


Dream a Mythic Dream with Me


Imagine you are standing at the pearly gates of heaven and are preparing to incarnate into your present lifetime. You stand with a clipboard in hand and await your instructions. Your shining Soul gracefully offers guidance for this lifetime to come and you listen with rapt attention.


Taking notes as your Soul explains the myth it is choosing to embody in your soon to be physical life, you shiver with excitement and anticipation for the great story that is about to unfold. A thrilling cast of characters and an incredible script is fast developing and will soon emanate from the profound wisdom of your Soul's vision.


Your Soul explains its desire to experience physical life so that your spirit can evolve in consciousness. This lifetime is the journey of your Mythic Soul. Your Soul wants to embody a myth that contains many teachings and the most important aspect of this divine myth for you to comprehend is that everyone you meet and all that you experience in life is a symbol of your mythic journey.

Those of us who share this common understanding on our spiritual path know we came into this lifetime for a reason, and we are certain of that urging inside -- that precious voice of inner knowing, who tells us we have a destiny. But do we also listen to the messages that come to us from our nightly dreams?


Do we value and hold dear the profound symbolism gifted to our visionary experience each night as our conscious mind sleeps? Just as it is true of waking life, while you are dreaming, you are living the symbology of your mythic soul's journey.


Perhaps your dreams are the most important symbols of your mythic journey because they originate within the symbolic realm of your brain. Isn't it exciting to realize that we have a wealth of symbolic consciousness available to us each night as we lay sleeping and dreaming! But the rub in all of this inner knowing, it that all too often, due to stress or issues of self-esteem or simply from a lack of practice or misunderstanding, WE CANNOT REMEMBER OUR DREAMS!


And even if we can remember our dreams, we often scratch our heads in wonderment with a fit or a bit of confusion, because we cannot figure out how to interpret the meaning of our dreams! Your Soul is scratching her head now too, wondering how this can be so. After all, dreams are the way She speaks to you about your mythic journey. If dreaming is half of your life, and you are not remembering your dreams, then it stands to reason that you are forgetting and/or living in a lack of awareness of half of this lifetimes' experience. If this lifetime is a sandwich, you are only eating half of it. I bet this is one diet you don't want to be on anymore.


How could you be living half of your life and yet, be unaware of its presence and activity, let alone its symbolic meaning? How will you be able to stay in touch with your mythic journey and its symbolic expression in this lifetime without conscious awareness and the proper interpretation of your dreams? This discourse is starting to feel very heavy and we might just implode if I stay on this track of mentation. I bet these thoughts are binding you up, stomach and jaw clenched, mind in a vice! Let's give it up and choose to have some fun because you know we can change this scenario! It is our mythic dream after all! We are in charge so let's get off this train of thought and board a new transport where we play with our dreams! Come play with me and stop trying to remember your dreams. Forget all those mental dreaming practices you've read and heard about. Come dream a little mythic dream with me.

Dreaming Window Game

Wanna play? Remember when you were little and you would call a friend up on the phone after school and ask that question? You didn't have an agenda, it was just about getting together and letting it flow. Maybe you made a house of leaves or built a fort in the woods. It was 'make believe' and it was rich with the trails of your imagination. Ah, I can smell the blooming lilacs at the tops of the branches where I lay hiding beneath those bushes from my brothers during Cowboys and Indians. I was always the Indian Princess they were trying to kidnap and tie to the giant pine tree in the back yard. They caught me a lot and I escaped a lot and the game was endless, just like our dreaming games can be. Wanna play?

Rules of the Game:

• Show up

• Be a Kid

• Play

• No Expectations

• No beating yourself up because you secretly had expectations and you suffered disappointment!

We play this game at home. Find a window somewhere in your home where you enjoy the view. You need to see some aspect of nature from this window - a tree, a big rock, a flowing stream, a patch of greenery, a garden, a pond and so on. Choose an aspect of nature and focus upon it. See its entirety and its detail. As you examine it carefully, breathe in its essence. Make it one with you.

When you look out this window, pretend that you are seeing into the world of dreaming. You have chosen a particular aspect of the natural landscape of dreaming to focus upon. Pretend this window is a gateway or a portal leading you to the world of dreaming and your aspect of nature is an anchor that grounds you deeply into the vast root system that lies beneath the above-ground world of dreaming. There are layers to dreaming and you are connected to this world in all of its dimensions.

For example, I look out my bedroom window of this waking reality to my hundred-year-old oak tree that I perceive to be rooted in my dreaming reality. For years I have watched the sun's glow upon its bark, snow layer and rain drench its branches and leaves that unfurl and fall with the tide of the seasons. Faces emerge from the bark etchings and I know the intimate touch of my back against its trunk and my rump upon the moist earth and grassy surface when we sit together, body to body. This tree, my oak, is my friend.

Maybe it would be a good idea to go outside and touch your dreaming friend. Explore it with your fingertips; examine it from every angle. Smell it, color it in your memory, and be intimate in your sharing. Come back inside and stand at your window to the world of dreaming and look at your dreaming friend again. Look at your friend and memorize its form within your inner vision. Close your eyes and see your friend in your mind's eye. Open your eyes and see your friend through the window of dreaming. Close your eyes and see it again with your inner vision. Keep playing with this until it feels like you have played enough, until it feels just right.

dream in color tarot by Mindy SommersNow bring sky energy down from the heavens and envision it entering the top of your head as you feel earth energy surge up from the bottoms of your feet. Feel this energy pouring down and rising up like a current of electricity, like a rush of water, like the strong whoosh of wind. Feel it gathering at your solar plexus, your third chakra, at the V opening of your rib cage. Imagine that all of this energy is gathering at a beautiful brilliant sun that is living in your solar plexus. Let the energy be there. Feel it glowing vibrant inside of you.

Pretend you have a fishing line that is all coiled up at your radiant solar plexus and with your next exhale, your outward breath casts this fishing line to your dreaming friend. See the luminous cord of fishing line project through the window gateway and watch it cast into the dreaming world and hook onto your dreaming friend - hooking in a soft way, a loving connection, which your dreaming friend gladly accepts.

Maybe you see the casting line of connection enter your dreaming friend or tie about it in a lovely bow. However you perceive it, you are now connected via your intent and you are telling the dreaming world that you intend to dream. You are not going to try to dream; you are intending to dream.

Now that you have intended to dream, you go about your daily round. You walk the dog, go to work, buy groceries, do errands, and so on. You don't have to think about your dreaming friend, because your intent has forged a bond of connection between you two. There is nothing to do, just be about your daily business. Tonight when your waking life comes to a close for the day, lay down and as you prepare to sleep feel your casting line tug a bit at your solar plexus. Your dreaming friend is wishing you sweet dreams. Say goodnight and send a tug of connection back to your dreaming friend.

As you feel your body readying for sleep, muscles relaxing, bones settling, the weight of your body releasing, you realize that your dreaming friend will be dreaming with you this night and in the morning your dreaming friend will be acting as a storehouse for your dreaming. Oh my, your dreaming friend is a library of your dreaming memories. How exciting! You now have a friend to help you with your dreaming! You are not alone with your dreaming anymore.

As you fall asleep tonight say this:

• Dreaming is one half of my life.

• Dreaming is one half of my

• Dreaming is one half of

• Dreaming is one half

• Dreaming is one

• Dreaming is

• Dreaming

In the morning, when you wake up, observe your dreaming by intending recall. No trying! Go to your window and see your dreaming friend. Wish your friend a good morning and feel the fiber of connection between you. Feel the energy flowing back and forth, you two sending and receiving energy from each other in a reciprocal exchange. Play with the energy and see what comes. Store the energy of your dream in your solar plexus. Go about your daily round. Walk with your dream gestating in your solar plexus. Continue to play the game. Who knows when the egg will hatch? What will emerge from the cracked egg of dreams? Only your intent can tell you.

This practice removes dream recall from your thinking mind and places it in your energetic mind, where your whole body is involved. Your thinking mind is a very skillful tool, yet too often, when the mind tries to remember and interpret a dream, it utilizes the left side of the brain, the place of logic, reason and rational thought processing. But dreams live in the symbolic realm of the right brain. Your Dreaming Window leads you through the portal to your right brain's capability and gives you access to the landscape of your dreams. In essence, this game enables your right brain to cast its fishing line to catch a dream that the left brain can then consume, digest and assimilate.

Question to ponder: When are you not dreaming?

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